Green Friendly Plans For Your Tiny House Or Small Cabin

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When I first decided to join the tiny house movement my first thought was to save some money on a lower mortgage and taxes. As I began my journey I soon learned that making your small cabin plans or shipping container homes green was another great way to save some more cash. Through trial and error I have found many important environmental and energy saving techniques. Here are just a few that will help you to get started.

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• Site house properly to maximize passive heat gain from the sun. Face long side to south and increase window area, but decrease west-facing window area as this gets too hot in summer.
• Build with logs – a naturally renewable resource.
• Design long roof overhangs to shade windows and cabin in summer but still allow winter solar heat gain.
• Balance ventilation between indoor and outdoor air and use exhaust fans to exchange air.
• Utilize efficient ceiling fans to distribute the heat evenly throughout the cabin in the winter and to cool in the summer.
• Choose paints and stains and glues with low VOCs (volatile organic compounds) so that you don’t pollute the indoor air quality of your cabin.
• Use light colored cabin roofing and/or install reflective radiant heat barriers under your roof. It’s best to ensure at least a 1” air gap above the barrier for ventilation. This can reduce 97% of radiant heat and significantly reduce summer cooling costs.
• Install dual-flush toilets that use less water for flushing.
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“It is important to protect our environment so incorporating green and energy saving techniques into your tiny house plans when ever possible and affordable is always a great idea.”

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